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Throat Treatment in Jaipur


Throat Treatment

Throat (Larynx/Neck surgery)

Diagnostic F.O.L.

Fibro-Osseous lesions [FOL] are a group of lesions which are known to affect the jaws and the craniofacial bones which are regarded as very confusing area in diagnostic pathology. Diagnostic identify lesions in the larynx in patients with persistent upper airway disorders and to compare the diagnostic yield of FOL over I/L. These groups of lesions are known to encompass common characteristics that include common clinical, radiographic and microscopic features.


Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the tonsils. Tonsil has two small glands located in back your throat. Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils that can make your tonsils swell and give you a sore throat. Tonsillitis and the need for tonsillectomies are more common in children than adults. Tonsillectomy can create many problems like frequent and loud snoring, cancer of the tonsils etc. The most common method is called “cold knife steel dissection.” Simply put, your surgeon removes the tonsils with a scalpel.

Oral and Laryngeal Carcinoma

Cancers that start in the larynx are called laryngeal cancers. Region of laryngeal are supraglottis, Glottis sub glottis. Supraglottis has 5 parts like suprahyoid and infrahyoid epiglottis, aryepiglottic fold, arytenoids. Oral carcinoma is type of head and neck cancer. All patients should be considered for laryngeal preservation. There are many risk factor of oral cancer like smoking, chewing tobacco etc.

Thyroid Surgeries

Thyroid surgery is used to remove all or a portion of the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped endocrine machine. Thyroid gland located in lower front of the neck. Some patent is facing thyroid condition, including both cancer and benign thyroid nodules. The thyroid produces hormones that are carried in blood to every tissue in body. There are several type thyroid operations like excision biopsy, lobotomy, etc. Thyroid surgery is used to remove all or a portion of the thyroid gland.

Parotid gland surgeries

Parotid tumors are abnormal growths within the glands. There are two type of parotid gland, one on each side of face. Parotid is type of tumor so that its removed. The treatment of parotid gland is best option is surgery. Surgical treatment normally require partially or completely removal of tumor. This procedure called parotidectomy. Removal of part generally Tumor or mass in the gland, Chronic infection of the gland etc. Parotid gland tumor surgery may be risk during the treatment like facial weakness, scar, Numbness, Bleeding.

Submandibular Gland Surgery

Submandibular glands are pair of salivary glands which is under the jaw bone. Submandibular gland is type of infection as well as blockage inside the gland. In generally if stone inside the duct do not come out, the gland may swell up when you eat something. Submandibular gland surgery is commonly indicated in patient with neoplasm. This operation will take time 1 to 2 hours. This surgery is very painless and move around easily manipulated.

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Department guided under of the finest and experienced surgeon Dr S.p. Shrivastav
Cancers are present inside the head and neck like inside the mouth, the nose, and the throat. Head and neck cancers begin in the squamous cell that line the moist. Head and neck cancers can also begin in the salivary glands. Salivary glands are contain many different type of cell. There are different type of head and neck cancer in region like oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and Salivary glands etc. The treatment plan of head and neck cancer dependent many no factor like exact location of the tumor, the stage of cancer and person’s age. Surgery is main treatment for cancer of head and neck. There are several type of treatment of head and neck cancer like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or a combination of treatments.

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