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Ear Treatment and ENT Surgeon in Jaipur


Ear Treatment and ENT Surgeon

Tympanoplasty – All types are Routinely done

Tympanoplasty is a surgical process that refers to any type of reconstructive procedure of the middle ear. Mostly tympanoplasty involve to repair to the eardrum or repair of the middle ear hearing bones. Generally Tympanoplasty surgery performed under local or general anesthesia. Many patients prefer to be completely insensible. The operation can be easily performed under local anesthesia. Surgeons are used the microscope to the view of the ear structures. It’s necessary to perform an incision behind the ear. Neha maternity hospital provides all type tympanoplasty. It is to be five types.


Endoscopy means looking inside. It is a nonsurgical procedure used to study a person’s digestive tract. Using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and small camera attached to it. Endoscopic has an endoscope be passed through a nature body opening or small cut. Endoscopes test has many types each named according to body parts or examine area.

Doctors will often recommend endoscopy to evaluate –

  • Digestive tract bleeding
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Growths in the colon
  • Take samples of abnormal tissues


Endaural is a sound that is hears without any outside acoustic excitation. Generally endaural means in the ear. In the process of endaural surgery patient will be endotracheally intubated by anesthesia with the tube placed out of the contralateral oral commissure.


A mastoidectome surgery produced to remove cells in the hollow, air cells our by inflammatory disease of the middle ear. This surgery used to be a common way to treat an infection in mastoid air cells. In most cases the condition was caused by an ear infection that spread to the bone in the skull. When antibiotics can’t clear this infection, it may be required to remove the infected area by surgery. The procedure of mastoidectomy performed under local anesthesia.

Stapes Surgery

Stapes surgery is also called stapedotomy is performed to correct hearing loss caused by a problem called otosclerosis. Three connected bones in middle ears that control sound vibrations. When any bones are affected by otosclerosis, it loses conducting capacity and patient unable to hearing. The stapedotomy surgery the affected bone part is replaced by artificial part. After the surgery vibration sound again transmits to the ear drum. The stapes surgery performed using intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Facial Nerve Decompression

Facial Nerve paralysis is a cause of significant functional and aesthetic compromise. Electrical testing (ENOG and EMG) has confirmed the facial Nerve paralysis. This operation is performed in cases of paralysis when the nerve function is deteriorating or the facial nerve is being compressed into the bony canal. The facial paralysis is temporary but sometime nerve is permanently damaged and then facial surgery is required. Neha hospital is best facial nerve paralysis hospital in Jaipur.

Grommet Myringotomy

Myringotomy is a tiny hole (about 2-3 mm) in eardrums. And grommet is a small white tube made of Teflon which is inserted into the year drum. It is also called tympanostomy, laryngocentesis. Actually the middle ear has three small bones. These bones vibrate allowing sound to be transmitted across to the nerve hearing. If the fluid is present in middle ears than eardrums is not vibrating and causing hearing loss. Normally surgery takes 15-20 minutes.

Audiology Setup

Neha Ent hospital audiology department is well qualified and they proved best services in audiology treatment. It provides low cost audio logical services and full hearing aid products to patients. We specialize in partnering diagnostic service providers with ENT practices. We used latest technology and best practices. We provide all type hearing services in Neha Maternity & ENT Hospital.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry is a behavioral test used to determine the hearing sensitivity. It’s also called PTA. Pure Tone Audiometry measures the peripheral and center auditory systems.

Degrees of hearing loss are below –

  • Normal hearing sound limits is 0-25 decibels
  • Mild hearing loss is 26-40 db
  • Moderate hearing loss 41-55 db
  • Moderate-severe hearing loss 56-70 db
  • Severe hearing loss 71-90 and
  • Profound hearing loss more than 90 db
  • PTA is carried out in a sound proof room our air condenser room.


The brainstem evoked response audiometer (BERA) is an objective neurophysiologic method of the evaluation of the hearing threshold and diagnosing retro cochlear lesions in the children’s. This test occurs to children that have suffered from meningitis. This test produce checking hearing level of children’s. The test is totally safe and harmless and it takes 5-10 minute to complete. It has an earphone be placed children ears and sound is produced through a machine. And brain waves are recorded on the scale. The recorded waves arise from cochlear nerve, cochlear nucleus, Lateral lemniscuses and Superior olivary nucleus.

Hearing Aid – all national and international Trends

The hearing aid device is a highly electroacoustic communication device. This device developed to amplify sound and hearing for the patient. The patients can wear this device and they can increase their hearing power. At our hospital many different types of hearing aids available at affordable prices.

Hearing aids comes in the various variety, size, shape and models. There are some types of hearing aid given below:

  • Behind the Ear (BTE)
  • In the Ear (ITE)
  • Body Worn Hearing Aids (BWHA)
  • In the Canal and Completely in the Canal

Speech Thearpy

Neha maternity & Ent hospital is one of the best speech and hearing hospital in Jaipur. Speech disorder has some children may not understand language and some children may understand language but be unable to communicate other children’s. Speech therapists generally called speech language pathologists. The speech therapy has a Speech therapist trained patients in communication skills and speech. During the speech therapy students learn in phonology, associated anatomy and communication skills.

Speech Therapy has a many types like –

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

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